Information pertains to last year’s expo in 2016.  

There will be two classrooms at Montgomery Hall.  Our talented presenters will be speaking about a variety of topics.

Classroom A (Main Level)

10:15-10:45  Om Gifts for Body & Soul: Sound Healing
Prepare for bliss.  Sound healing with crystal singing bowls.
 11:00-12:00 Don Marlette, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Advisor: “Beyond the Veil” Gallery Readings

Keynote Speaker. “Beyond the Veil” Gallery Readings begins with a general question-and-answer session, followed by readings for randomly selected participants. Readings may involve contact with a deceased loved one, or may include psychic information regarding career, finances, relationships, etc. At the conclusion of the readings, Don will lead the audience in a group meditation to bring them into direct contact with departed loved ones for a brief time, thus assuring that most who are present will receive an answer to their question and/or contact with loved ones.

 12:15-12:45  Sylvia Runkle Hypnosis: “Awaken the Depths Within”

Sylvia will be discussing “Awaken the Depths Within,” 26 transcripts of revelations under hypnosis of contacts with Spirit that had been hidden from the conscious mind usually because the experiences were so different from everyday reality that there was no easy way to cope with them at the time. Contacts come in many forms and range from alien contact (the most common) to spiritual guides to a child giggling as fairies kiss her eyelids.

 1:00-3:00 Beth Peterson, Author: “Life After Lightning”
Keynote Speaker.  Beth will be speaking about her experience of being struck by lightning on TWO separate occasions.  She will describe her death experience, visit to Heaven, and life review.
 3:15-4:15  Wild Indigo Coyote: “A Witch, Shaman, and Light Worker Walk Into a Coffee Shop”
Please join the ladies of Wild Indigo Coyote for a brief description of the similarities and differences between these three individuals and their practices.
 4:30-5:00  Your Intelligent Heart: The Healing Art of Being You
Please join Elizabeth for a discussion on the science and spirituality of how Awakening To Your Own Intelligent Heart engages the Healing Art of Being You.  You are far more than you remember.  Your heart is more than you know.
5:15-6:00  Unknown Darkness: The Paranormal
The team will discuss the history of the paranormal, how you can tell if a place is haunted, different types of hauntings, signs of being an empath, and paranormal investigation equipment. They will also be showing evidence they have collected over the years during their investigations at multiple locations and will discuss their experiences filming with “Ghost Adventures” and “My Ghost Story.”

Classroom B (Basement)

10:30-11:30  American Shaman: CBD/Terpene Rich Hemp Oil
Learn the healing benefits of CBD/Terpene Rich Hemp Oil.
11:40-12:40 The Blackthorn Path: Advanced Chakra Clearing
This is a process that Jeanne and Gayla have developed as Reiki Masters that can be used by anyone for releasing memories, clearing anger, dealing with trauma, or helping old injuries heal. The session includes some one-on-one with attendees, and concludes with a powerful guided meditation.
12:50-1:20  Hand & Body Works: 10 Signs in Your Hands You Can Read Immediately!
Join Palm Reader Kathleen Darling in this insightful presentation.
1:30-2:00  Gina Crosheck, PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center: Crystal Energies
Gina will provide a short introduction to the consciousness of stones, their healing energies, and their messages.   
2:10-2:55  Healing Peace Within, Jennifer Farrar: ThetaHealing®
It is widely accepted that our thoughts become our reality.  About 90 percent of our outer world is controlled by our subconscious programming.  This programming controls our beliefs and our thoughts many of which we aren’t even consciously aware of.  It is everything we have ever been exposed to since conception and also passed down genetically.  ThetaHealing® can shift this programming on 4 different levels of our subconscious.  It can rid us of our negative thoughts and beliefs.  It can reduce our emotional attachment to our life’s dramas and traumas.  Participants will be taught how to test for their beliefs and have them released via a demonstration of how ThetaHealing® works.
 3:05-3:50 Sunshine Discoveries, Stephanie Verry: Intro to Clearings: From the Metaphysical to the Paranormal
In this brief intro, you will receive information on how to clear negative energies by raising the vibration of your space, how to self protect and set boundaries, as well as when and how to ask for assistance. 
 4:00-4:30 CrystalClearVision, Katheryn Rutherford: Gallery Readings
Katheryn is the resident clairvoyant/medium at ReAlive Metaphysical and Repurposing Marion, IA. Katheryn is a well- known local medium and clairvoyant who has been providing reading sessions for people in this area for over 15 years. Katheryn uses her skills as a clairvoyant/medium to open herself to receiving messages from those who have passed, the personal spirit guide of the person being read, and from angels who have messages to share.  This often brings much-needed closure to the recipient.  In addition, Katheryn has used this ability to assist spirits to cross over and has received communications from murder victims which have included information on how they passed, and locations of the incident. In addition, Katheryn is a Reiki Master/Teacher and incorporates healing energy into the sessions. Come watch Katheryn in action, and perhaps receive a message!
 4:40-5:10  Lauracle Compassionate Psychic Guidance: Being-Staying Psychic
Tips for you, your kids, and young adults.
5:15-6:00  Spirit Portraits & Channeling with Sharyl: The Anatomy of Authentic Channeling
Embrace your divine birthright and connect to your soul and higher self with Sharyl Noday, an international trance channel, healer, metaphysical teacher and artist, who will share with you the power of channeling, teach you how to raise your vibrations and involve your brains to evolve into a higher being capable of collaborating with divine intelligence to co-create a universe of love.