2023 Vendors

A-Ha Moments, Aura Photography

A-Ha Moments will be offering aura photos with detailed chakra reports and an intuitive reading of your aura photos. 

A Lighted Path, Valerie Stilwell

Valerie Stilwell and her business A Lighted Path will bring a uniqueness to the expo by offering an opportunity to sell your used metaphysical books and cards. She will be purchasing items that fall within her focus which is books, cards and journals. She is discontinuing stones, sage, and jewelry, so check her booth for some great sales.

Anita Shekinah, Empathic Tarot Readings

Anita Shekinah will be joining the Expo from West Des Moines. Anita is a tarot reader using the Motherpeace deck. She has been reading and teaching tarot for over 40 years and describes her work as “Empathic Tarot Readings.” She is especially adept at providing insight and guidance into life purpose and other life transitions. www.ShekinahLifePurposeCenter.com

Angelic Readings by Teresa

Teresa will be offering Spiritual Mediumship and Angelic readings. She is a Spiritual Medium and a Certified Angel Reader. As a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) Teresa infuses healing into all of her readings. Her motto is Spirit to Spirit – Heart to Heart.

Be Free Coaching, Durga Mamidipalli

Durga Mamidipalli will be offering face and hand readings during the expo. She owns Be Free Coaching within which she offers relationship and spirituality coaching, meditation and yoga training and supports clients with stress management techniques. Durga was born intuitive and with the power of healing. It didn’t take long to understand that her calling was in helping others to heal and live fulfilling lives. https://www.befreecoaching.com/
Callo Metal Art
Jess Wisdom and Jesse Richardson are the artists behind Callo Metal Art. We welcome their work as traditional silversmiths who utilizes energies of the moon and sun in the creation of the jewelry. Stones, minerals and crystals used are guaranteed to be ethically sourced and are all handcrafted by Jess and Jesse. The pieces are charged and cleansed according to the energy and messages of the stones. www.callometalart.com

CrystalClearVision, Katheryn Rutherford

Katheryn Rutherford of CrystalClearVision is a practitioner at ReAlive Metaphysical Shop. She will be providing Spirit Guide readings and chair Reiki sessions.

Crystal Renew by Angie – Crystal Alternative Healing 

Angie Heinrich is an Advanced Crystal Master and Reiki Practitioner. She infuses alternative crystal therapy into all of her practice offerings. Angie will be offering a relaxing Reiki & Crystal Chakra Balancing session, messages from your angels via oracle cards with a pendulum, crystal grid consultations, and Intuitive Quiet Mind Crystal messages. Her mission in all her work is to help others have a more balanced and enriched life. https://www.facebook.com/CrystalRenewByAngie

Crystals & Sage, Karen Besler

Karen Besler is the owner of Crystals & Sage and operates as a Shopify business online and as a small home shop with high-quality crystals, minerals, rocks & stones. She also sells at fairs and events in the area. Karen is an Advanced Crystal Master trained at the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and is ready to answer all your questions about crystal properties and how to best use them in your daily life. Karen takes pride in making the promise that all crystals are ethically sourced and authentic. https://thecrystalsandsage.myshopify.com/

Darcie McGrath, Paranormal Researcher

Darcie McGrath will be joining us with her new novel, Bramden House. This novel has everything …. a medium, psychic phenomena, civil war soldier ghost and so much more. Be sure to plan on talking with Darcie and grabbing a copy of this “must read” novel. https://quantumpsigroup.com/

Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom 

Discover proven spiritual practices for Advanced Spiritual Living from Eckankar, the path of spiritual freedom! Get your own answers from within by chanting HU, sacred ancient mantra and explore contemplative spiritual exercises that open the heart to divine love and the Light and Sound of God. Stop by the Eckankar booth for FREE booklets on inner guidance, dreams, Soul Travel, problem solving, conquering fear, and more. Spin the spiritual wisdom wheel to gain insights on your questions about life. Learn about advanced spiritual study classes (Satsang classes) in your area.

Illuminations Center for Enlightenment

Stephanie Ryan is the owner of Illuminations, a metaphysical center located in Cedar Rapids. Illuminations will be selling oracle & tarot cards, Turkish Mosaic lamps, crystals, books, jewelry, and other mystical items at the expo.

Initiate Your Journey, Alissa Gebeke

Alissa Gebeke is a guide, healer, teacher and Magus Hermeticus (3rd Step Ritual Master). Her work includes teaching, guided transformation and assisting clients to activate their personal plans. Alissa will be providing mini healing sessions and readings. www.alissagebeke.com

Kay Christy, Organizer of the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo

Kay Christy, MA, Behavioral Scientist, Psychic, Author, Life Coach and Metaphysical Teacher has taken the role of Event Producer for the 2023 Iowa City Metaphysical Expo and couldn’t be happier. It seems to be an excellent combination of all her talents and skills!

As a card reader, she has been performing readings since the early 70’s, and began offering card readings for clients in November 2011. She has provided life coaching suggestions and ideas to friends and family naturally since adolescence as both a helper and a listener. Adding intuitive expression with cards to these conversations was a perfect fit and is a gift and a talent she has been developing over many years.

Kay has a thriving private practice which includes card readings, life coaching and teaching metaphysical & intuitive development. In 2014 she published a book with Balboa Press titled, Gifts From Guidance which is an anthology of prayers and affirmations written through automatic writing.

The services Kay offers in private practice are diverse and capture her eclectic style and background. Clients report that the synchronicity which occurs by combining the behavioral science techniques of life coaching with the intuitive arts never ceases to surprise and delight them. https://www.facebook.com/GKayChristy/

LaShira Wellness, Angie Tiedt

LaShira Wellness will be offering three energy modalities. Angie Tiedt offers online and in-person 1-on-1 energy healing sessions. She is a certified Shiva Murti Healer, Certified Crystal Practitioner™, Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master, and RYT® 200. She has been in the health and wellness industry for over 25 year and will offer energy healing, reiki, crystal healing and chakra alignment decoding at the Expo. https://www.lashirawellness.com/

Laurie Hazel

Laurie Hazel has written a book titled, “Love Letters From the Angels” and she will be doing angel readings and mediumship readings. Laurie will be coming from the Des Moines area and is well known there as having a special gift. www.angelreadinglauriehazel.com

Mystic Pixie, Shelly Searles

Shelly Searles of Mystic Pixie offers Pagan, Wiccan, and witchcraft inspired items. Decor items for altars, home, and kitchen along with a variety of hand-crafted gifts. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100075827423167

Mystical Magical Things by Cheryl

Cheryl Carrigan comes from Minneapolis and is so fun to be around as she creates happiness everywhere she goes. Let the magic begin as she has a beautiful gift of sharing Psychic/ Mediumship readings from the angels above. Her promise – “You will be touched by an angel!” In addition, she will bring her product line of manifesting items, healing essential oils & sprays, tools for prosperity, fabulous energy bracelets and chakra stone sets. Be sure to stop by and catch her vibe. It’s perfection! She has a new product line coming just for us and she states, “This is cool stuff and you will want to get your hands on it!” https://www.cherylcarrigan.com/

Om Gifts for Body & Soul

Om Gifts for Body & Soul will be offering tarot and oracle cards, gemstone jewelry, sound healing tools, chakra and statuary decor items.

Palmistry by Kathleen, Kathleen Darling

Kathleen Darling is considered among the best there is among Palm Readers in the mid-west. Her extensive study and experience combine to create a reading that is filled with insights, each individuals’ hidden talents, as well as obstacles that may arise and how to step over them. Kathleen uses the information hand reading offers to show her clients their true nature in an extraordinarily knowledgeable and kind manner.

PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center

PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center will be offering unique and beautiful healing crystals in multiple forms- tumbled, specimen, carved, and jewelry to hold, love, and carry home. In addition to crystals, they will have oracle cards, jewelry and gift items. Sound Healer Tamra Rae will be offering Pyramid Gong Clearings with a 4′ x 4′ Copper Pyramid filled with High Frequency Crystals. This service is offered to assist with balancing and aligning the body, tuning into subtle energy fields, repatterning generational trauma, and connecting with the Planetary and Cosmic flow. 

Rambling Reader, Leslie Eaton

Leslie Eaton, Rambling Reader, will be offering Palm, Tarot, and Zodiac Tarot Readings. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100054549110714

Readings and Reiki by Cat

Cat is a qualified Oracle Card Reader, Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Past Life Regressionist. She uses her unique gifts and channeling skills to bring you a reading with information from your angels and guides. Cat is also the founder of the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo.  https://www.facebook.com/Realpsychiccat/

ReAlive Metaphysical Shop

Nicole Goodall, the store owner, will be offering a slice of what is available in their Cedar Rapids store. ReAlive Metaphysical Shop will be offering jewelry, aromatherapy oils, candles, incense, tarot and oracle cards, herbs, and more. www.realivemetaphysical.com

The A.G. Fam

The A.G. Fam is known as multidimensional communicators, supporting your expansion. Made up of multiple perspectives. Missy from the A.G. Fam plans will be offering Anatomy Readings and demos along with selling herbal topicals and Grief Journals. Don’t miss her unique and interesting offerings. https://www.theagfam.com/

The Divine Works, Michelle Zimmerman

Michelle Zimmerman is a sound healer. She will be offering mini-sessions of sound healing and Reiki energy healing using tuning forks, Tibetan and crystal bowls. Her products include sprays for aura enhancing and smudging supplies. Divine Works

The Noble Stone

The Noble Stone is located in Amana, Iowa and is owned and operated by Jenise and Ithiel Catiri. They sell collectible rocks, geodes, fossils, gemstones, crystals, minerals and other earthen treasures. They also offer jewelry and metaphysical items from around the world! Their booth will include a selection of crystals and shiny sparkly minerals galore!

THS Custom Jewelry

Tamra Albright of THS Custom Jewelry will have an assortment of her beautiful gemstone jewelry. She creates hand-crafted bracelets and pendants. Tamra uses over 100 different gemstones and is proud to state that great care is taken to ensure the ethical treatment of the people mining the stones as well as the earth as the stones are mined. www.thscustomjewelry.com 

Total Health Chiropractic

Dr. Dillon Hammes and a few colleagues from Total Health Chiropractic in Coralville will be on site to offer digital posture and muscle tension testing. They will also have information about red light therapy and weight loss services. Be sure to check out your posture while you are with us! https://www.totalhealthiowa.com/

Voices from Heaven, Robert Baca


Robert Baca, Psychic Medium. Educating, inspirational, enlightening, and entertaining, Robert delivers messages from loved ones and guides from the universal realms to the divine realms.

Wild Indigo Coyote

Wild Indigo Coyote reflects the energy of the Triple Goddess with the presence of three talented metaphysical teachers, healers, and psychics. At this expo they will be offering a variety of retail and handcrafted items for all of your magical needs.

WitchCrafted Design

Jerri Wolfe of WitchCrafted Design will be selling wood burning, handmade jewelry, handmade candles, and other witchy items. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063583811225

Zhanna’s Jewels

Sue Harden of Zhanna’s Jewels creates weird and unique ornamentations and decor. She offers handmade crowns, staffs, wands, witchy decor, mysterious boxes and who knows what else! Her work is upcycled, recycled, reimagined and reinvented so you never know what you will find!