List of Exhibitors

A-Ha Moments

A-Ha Moments will be offering aura photos with detailed reports on chakras and messages. They also offer intuitive mediumship readings with photo packages.  They will have merchandise for sale and the Amethyst Bio-Mat will be available.

Adina Joy Levitt, Shamanic Practitioner

A shamanic practitioner is an energy worker who has an underlying belief that we hold heavy energy (hucha) in our bodies and we have the ability to release it with the help of the practitioner.  Adina can help you open the door to the next phase in your life, with the assistance of healing and helping guides, by letting go of what is weighing you down and guiding you to claim your personal power.  Adina will offer 15 minute sessions at the expo to give you a taste of what it feels like to connect with your energetic body.

Angelic Alchemy, Jen Serovy

Jen will be offering Intuitive Guidance through the use of Tarot/Oracle cards.

Angelology Custom Jewelry / Paranormal Researcher Darcie McGrath

Darcie will be selling Angelology Custom Jewelry, divinely-inspired jewelry using found pieces and semi-precious stones.  Darcie is an independent consultant/educator with a 30-year background in paranormal research, with an emphasis in human consciousness studies (parapsychology).  In addition to being a scientific member of the Rhine Research Institute, she is also an active member of the parapsychology lab, Project Psi, out of Chicago. and

 Cat Sinclair, Readings by Cat

Cat co-chairs the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo committee.  She has also been doing Oracle Card readings for the past 10 years. She has her own unique style of reading that uses her intuitive gifts to enhance the messages from the cards.  Cat has been interested in the paranormal all of her life, and uses her psychic gifts to assist with paranormal investigations. Cat is also a Reiki Master Teacher. Cat will not be available for readings at the expo, but you can stop by and schedule a private reading at a later date.

Dani Lin, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master

Dani is a renowned Psychic Medium and Reiki Master.  She will be offering Psychic Medium readings.

Diana and Loni Palm

Diana will be providing ThetaHealing® mini sessions and selling her books: Setting Spirits Free, Clear Negative Energy & Help Ghosts Cross Over and her newest book, Mediumship Scrying & Transfiguration for Beginners. Loni will be offering Spirit Guide readings.

Don Marlette, The Metro Monk 

Don will be providing uplifting, positive, and practical psychic readings and answers.  He will also be connecting patrons with departed friends and loved ones through his unique mediumship approach.

Dr. Nisha Mittal

Dr. Mittal is providing ThetaHealing® and Medical Qigong.  Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  The inner world consists of about 10 percent of our thoughts and ninety percent of our subconscious mind which we are not aware.  in our subconscious mind are embedded the deep beliefs and thoughts which are programs and learnings in this life since birth and from all that has been handed down to us by our ancestors.  ThetaHealing® can shift these programs on physical, ancestral, historical, and soul levels to release negative patterns in our life.  It can provide deep instant emotional releases and our attachment to our life’s dramas and traumas.  Participants will experience ThetaHealing® for 20 minutes or more.  Participants can also experience Medical QiGong sessions for 20 minutes.  They will be scanned for the areas in the body where they experience disease and will be provided energetic healings which will affect various levels to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Gretchen Little

Gretchen Little will be offering Soul Purpose readings.  By looking at your dominant chakras, identifying your guardian angels, listening to your spirit guides and totem animals, and with the help of loved ones on the Other Side, Gretchen can get a clear picture of what your soul purpose is and how you can align with it.  Feel your vibration soar when it locks into place.

Haunted Willow Creek Farm

Albert Kelchner will be providing information about Haunted Willow Creek Farm, which is considered to be the third most haunted private residence in Illinois, and what may be the most unique haunting in the entire country.

Jonny Lipford Music

Jonny will have relaxing and uplifting Native American and World Flute Music CDs, Native-style flutes, lesson plans and products for learning the Native-style flute.


Stephanie Ryan is co-chair of the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo committee.  She is also the owner of Illuminations, a metaphysical shop and healing arts center located in Cedar Rapids.  Illuminations will be offering books, Oracle & Tarot Cards, candles, and other items.

Kae Apothecary

Kae Apothecary offers a full line of essential oils made from locally grown herbs and flowers.  They will also be offering a full line of self care products that are hand crafted in small batches from locally sourced materials, skin care, and aromatherapy.

Kay Christy, Spirit Led Life

Kay will be selling her book, Gifts from Guidance.  She will also be offering readings using automatic writing and playing cards.

Leslie Eaton, Rambling Reader

With 23 years of experience, Leslie will be providing Palm, Tarot, and Astrology readings.

Mind, Body and Soul

Tammy Howard will be providing relaxing and healing Reiki Sessions.  She will also be selling incense and incense holders.

Mystic Chocolate

Laurie Mortiz will be offering artisan raw vegan stone-ground chocolates infused with quartz crystal, tensor ring technology, Tibetan healing bowl (Third Eye), and flavored/formulated to support the chakra system.

Om Gifts for Body & Soul

Om will be offering gemstone jewelry, chakra products, stones, minerals, Tarot decks, books, statues, and singing bowls.

Palm Reading by Kathleen Darling

Kathleen will reading hands to provide insights to talents, obstacles, and your true nature.

PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center

PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center will have four booths at the expo.  They will be offering unique and beautiful healing crystals in multiple forms- tumbled, specimen, carved, and jewelry to hold, love, and carry home.  Offerings include Fluorite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Hematite, Labradorite, Carnelian, and extraordinary stones – Celtic Golden Healer, Cinnabar, Anandalite, and Dragon Skin Quartz.  They will also be providing readings, Reiki, and ThetaHealing®.

Project Psi Institute

Dr. Chuck Kennedy & Bishop Kristina Rake will be representing the Project Psi Institute. The Bishop does private blessings at the table and will have her book available. She also sells blessed medals of protection. Dr. Kennedy will have books to sell as well as the Project Psi FEVR program of Remote Viewing.

RA Moonhawk Wands

RA Moonhawk Wands handcrafts one-of-a-kind magic healing wands from various crystals, stones, woods, shells, coral, antler, bones, and found objects.  Each wand is truly unique and a very powerful transformational tool.  RA Moonhawk has been making these based on a vision he had while in deep meditation and perfecting them for 35 years.  They are his life’s work.
You may visit him on Facebook.

Raven Xaria Medicine Wheel Meditations

Raven will be offering Intuitive Readings – Tarot, Runes, Medium, and Reiki.  She will also have handcrafted spiritually inspired artwork and wands.

Sacred Ways

Amy Bishop of Sacred Ways will be providing Tarot and Psychic Intuitive readings.

Sleipnir: Pagan and Alternative Spirituality Shop

Joni Gillispie of Sleipnir: Pagan and Alternative Spirituality Shop will be offering tarot readings.  She will also be providing sage, candles, jewelry, signed & numbered artwork, cloaks, staffs, wands, and more.

Sunshine Discoveries

Stephanie Verry of Sunshine Discoveries will be providing Intuitive Readings and Reiki.

The A.G. Family Style Mediumship

With no “intuitive filtering” their collective family energy gives you the most unique and accurate reading you have ever had! During a reading you can be introduced to your spirit guide, receive loving support and communicate with your deceased loved one, receive recommendations on processes and tools that would benefit your body and nourish your soul, and/or ask personal or collective nature questions.

Total Health Chiropractic

Dr. Dillon Hammes of Total Health Chiropractic will be providing free spinal scans and posture evaluations.  They will also be providing information about chiropractic and medical thermography.

Unknown Darkness

Paranormal investigators Katie, Josh, Shannon, Sarah, and Hannah will be offering information on the paranormal and will have some equipment for show at their table. They will also be showing the Ghost Adventure’s episode that featured Josh and Hannah, as well as the My Ghost Story episode that featured Katie. They will answer any questions about the paranormal, or history of the paranormal!

 Wild Indigo Coyote

Wild Indigo Coyote consists of Jennifer Bishop, Lori Trumblee, and Deb Kuehne.  They will be offering a variety of metaphysical items such as stones, jewelry, incense, herbs, oracle cards, and handcrafted items.  They will also be offering Trinity readings where three gifted readers each using a different deck of oracle cards will provide you with an integrated reading, giving you insightful guidance.  Learn how your past is influencing your present and how to use this information to create the future you want.