Keynote Speakers

T.M. Simmons, Author/Psychic Medium/Paranormal Investigator

T.M. Simmons

T.M. Simmons is the author of over thirty-five books, novellas and short stories, both fiction and non-fiction. She began her writing career in the historical romance genre, with her first book published in 1990. She expanded to paranormal romance, then paranormal mysteries in her Dead Man Mysteries Series, paranormal suspense/thrillers in her Northwood Prey Series, and non-fiction ghost hunting diaries.

Along the way, her Aunt Belle Brown dragged T. M. down their first ghost hunting trail, to the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. At the Myrtles, Aunt Belle made a liar out of T. M., who claimed she could not “see” ghosts. Since then, she and Aunt Belle have travelled all over the United States chasing rumors of paranormal activity. They have spent many enjoyable hours scaring themselves silly (or sillier) in haunted buildings and cemeteries, during daylight and dark and full moons. T. M. religiously kept diaries of their trips together, and eventually she decided to publish them for others to read. To date, this series includes Ghost Hunting Diary Volumes I through VI.

Another along-life-path happening was when friends dragged T. M. and Aunt Belle into forming Supernatural Researchers of Texas. SRT is a paranormal research crew whose motto is “Leave Peace Behind” when they perform cleansing for homeowners bothered by troublesome ghosts. An avid researcher, T.M. dove into learning all she could after she became aware of her psychic gifts, studying under other psychics and a Native American shaman. When a nighttime trip to a haunted cemetery turned dangerous and a friend was attacked by an unseen entity, she began studying protective measures. One night Aunt Belle’s daughters and grandchildren were attacked in an old house they had been warned not to enter, and it became very clear to T. M. that the supernatural dimension contained more than Casper-friendly ghosts. She and another crew member took demonology classes, with the crew member delving even more deeply than T. M. into this dangerous side of the paranormal.

T.M. and Aunt Belle were both born and raised in Ohio, but they now live in Texas, where they and their crew members continue to work in the paranormal. SRT crew members all have various gifts and abilities, gifts and abilities which have grown and developed over the years. They have firm beliefs as to what is the proper way to handle the ghosts they encounter, one of which is: Ghosts are not pets; they belong on the other side. Therefore, their cleansings include crossing over the ghosts they encounter, and if a homeowner only wants SRT to confirm paranormal activity but leave the ghosts alone so they can brag about living in a haunted house, the crew will refuse the request for assistance.

T.M. will discuss dangerous hauntings and protective measures against them. She continues to write, and her books are listed on her two web sites: and (romances). She is also on Facebook at, Twitter: @TMSimmonsauthor, and has a blog at

PRESENTATION 1:00 – 2:00 PM: Dangerous Hauntings and Protection Measures presented by T.M. Simmons, Melinda Winnett, and Belle Brown.  T.M. will introduce members of SRT and share some of their stories.   They will also talk about various protective measures.

Lisa Andres, The Minneapolis Medium

Lisa Andres

Join Lisa Andres, The Minneapolis Medium, as she does one of the things she does best – live audience readings. Lisa has a background on stage because her first dream in life was to be a Rockstar, but life had other plans for her. Now she works with Spirit to bring through the evidence and messages that only your loved ones on the other side can provide. With Lisa’s unique style she’ll articulate the messages that spirit brings through in a way that no one else can.

Lisa will also talk about her life as a Psychic Medium – how she became one and the work that she does. She’ll also speak about how to identify if you may have intuitive gifts and answer audience questions.

Lisa Andres has been a psychic medium all her life and has been doing readings for others since 2007. She’s had many teachers and now teaches students both in person and through her books. Her first book, Gifted – A Guide for Mediums, Psychics and Intuitives, was released in 2013. Her most recent book, Journey – The Gift of Being a Psychic Medium was released in 2018.  You can learn more about Lisa on her website,

PRESENTATION 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM: Live audience readings with psychic medium Lisa Andres.