After knowing so many people in the metaphysical community, Cat Sinclair had the dream of hosting a metaphysical expo. She envisioned it as a fun gathering of her friends and like-minded people to share their gifts. She formed the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo committee (Cat, Stephanie, Lori, Laura, Dave, and Darcie) and we had our first expo in 2013. Everyone learned a lot that year and had visions of making it even better in the future. One of the biggest things we learned was that we needed to rent Montgomery Hall as well as Building C for the the speakers!

By 2014, Cat Sinclair and Stephanie Ryan became co-chairs and began organizing the expo together. In 2017, Stephanie took over full responsibility, and Cat became the expo ambassador. In 2020, Covid hit, and the expo was placed on hold. In the meantime, Stephanie’s business, Illuminations, thrived and grew, and Stephanie came to the decision that it was time to pass the mantle to someone else.

In 2023, Kay Christy took over ownership of the expo to continue the same vision of Cat and Stephanie.

A little about Kay:

Kay Christy, MA, Behavioral Scientist, Psychic, Author, Life Coach and Metaphysical Teacher, has been reading cards since the early 70’s, and began offering card readings for clients in November 2011. She has provided life coaching suggestions and ideas to friends and family naturally since adolescence as both a helper and a listener. Adding intuitive expression with cards to these conversations was a perfect fit and is a gift and a talent she has been developing over many years.  

She offers a method of intuitive reading utilizing a round deck of playing cards and a board with houses corresponding to the meaning of each card.  It is fun, interactive and typically “spot on!” She was taught this method over 40 years ago by a Romani woman who learned within the cultural traditions of her mother and grandmother.

Kay has a thriving private practice which includes card readings, life coaching and teaching metaphysical & intuitive development. In 2014 she published a book with Balboa Press titled, Gifts From Guidance which is an anthology of prayers and affirmations written through automatic writing.  

The services Kay offers in private practice are diverse and capture her eclectic style and background. Clients report that the synchronicity which occurs by combining the behavioral science techniques of life coaching with the intuitive arts never ceases to surprise and delight them.

You may schedule a private session with Kay by contacting her at https://www.facebook.com/GKayChristy/ SpiritLed23@gmail.com.